Every day my papa worked
To help to make ends meet
To see that we would eat
(To) keep those shoes upon my feet
Every night my papa would take
And tuck me in my bed
Kiss me on my head
After all my prayers were said

Growing up with him was easy
time just flew on by
The years began to fly
He aged and so did I

I could tell
That mama wasn’t well
Papa knew and deep down so did she
So did she
When she died
My papa broke down and cried
All he said was, “God, Why not take me!”

Every night he sat there sleeping in his rocking chair
He never went upstairs
All because she wasn’t there

Then one day my Papa said,
“Son, I’m proud (of) the way you’ve grown
make it on your own
I’ll be O.K. alone.”

Every time I kiss my children
Papa’s words ring true
“Your children live through you.
They’ll grow and leave you, too”
I remember every word my papa used to say
I live that every day
He taught me well that way